Unloader One user stories

"I am now back with ease!"

"I never thought that the nagging pain in my back could be due to my knees. Due to the pain and discomfort I had to use the wall to help me get around the house. My posture was bad and I could not walk or stand for long periods. After 4 months of wearing the brace, I am now back to my daily activities with ease. "

Ng Goot Mee, 70 years old, Kuala Lumpur

我穿戴了膝盖矫形器(UNLOADER ONE)4 个多月了。再之前,由于膝盖疼痛及腰部疼痛导致、我走动不方便,我必须依靠这墙壁或利用辅助器具才能走动。 如今,经由膝盖矫形护具(Unloader One)的帮忙, 我可以走动自如,并且腰部的疼痛获得明显的改善。膝盖矫形护具让我觉得更有活力。

"I can now move about with ease"

"My mobility was limited and I was very much in pain. I couldn’t stand for long periods and I needed assistance going up and down the stairs and even getting in and out of the car! Then I was prescribed the Unloader One brace for both knees and I have been wearing them diligently for 3 months. I now feel less pain and can move around with ease."

Tan Su Zan, 60 years old, Kuala Lumpur

我已经穿了矫正护具器 (UNLOADER ONE) 三个月了。 在穿之前,我的膝盖给我的日常生活带来非常多的不方便,尤其是当我从坐到站的时候,上下楼梯甚至从车里出来,都须要帮助并且常常会感到非常疼痛。如今,得到了安陆德免荷一号的帮助从坐到站的问题解决了,疼痛减少了,并且走动更有活力,生活更精采。

"I feel stronger "

"I have been experiencing weakness in the knee, which causes me pain and discomfort after walking for long periods, when climbing the stairs and when squatting. With the Unloader One my knee is well supported and I can now easily stand from a sitting position and even squat without difficulty. I feel stronger and can walk comfortably with it."

Datin Lee, 79 years old, Kuala Lumpur

我的双脚长期感觉无力,这使我走动很不方便及困难,特别是在我上下楼梯及蹲下的时候。自从穿了矫具器(Unloader One)之后, 其良好的支撑,让我可以蹲下和从坐到站没有问题,并且我感到我可以走动得更好及更有力气。

"The Unloader One has changed my life, period!"

Steve Peterson used to think he was invincible. He participated in all levels of sporting activities from as far back as he can remember. But a skying accident more than 20 years ago put a halt to his then active life.

He went on to have surgery on his knee, but it didn’t give him the relief he had hoped for. Together with the surgeon he then decided to try some bracing. That helped give him back what he thought was lost. He is now hiking, biking and doing all the things he loves.

"After my initial surgery the goal of the surgeon was to get me to 55 before my first knee replacement. Well, I am 63, wearing an Unloader One, doing everything that I want to do.”

"I didn´t think a brace could help"

His first knee operation was in high school - a football injury. His second surgery was ten years later - a karate injury. Several months ago, doctors showed Bill Bielmyer the x-ray of his ailing left knee, and he saw the bone-on-bone osteoarthritis that was causing him the deep, aching, joint pain that was slowing this fitness enthusiast down to a crawl.

But when his doctor told him he needed total knee replacement surgery, Bill objected. "I said, ‘Doc, I’m 64, I don’t want to go through another knee operation and have all these restrictions. Are there any other options?’"

After several months with his Unloader One knee brace, Bill has resumed his golfing, is enjoying pain-free walks with his wife and feeling great.

"At first I was skeptical. I didn’t think a brace could help me with the type of pain I was feeling. I turned 65 in August but feel like I’m 45 again. ‘The One’ has been a saving grace. It’s given me my life back."


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