A conversation guide

Read through the conversation guide below before you go to your first appointment to talk about knee pain. It is a good idea  to make a record of how and when the pain is affecting you before you go.

Remember to share with your doctor or clinician:

  • When the pain first started
  • A description of where and how often the pain affects you at present
  • If certain types of activities make it worse (or better)
  • What kind of life you led before the pain started (and whether your work affected you physically)
  • How the pain is affecting your life now
  • Information about any previous injury

Don’t forget to ask:

  • Might OA be causing my knee pain? 
  • Why does it hurt?
  • How can I reduce the pain?
  • Might a knee brace assist me?
  • Will I need any special tests or maybe even surgery?
  • Should I take any medication and if so, which one(s) and what will they help with? Are there side effects?
  • Do I need to change or stop any of my activities?
  • Is there anything else I can do to improve the condition of my knee(s) or reduce the pain?

Preparing for your appointment.

It is often good to note down the history of your ailments and the types of symptoms you experience before you meet you doctor/healthcare professional.

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